February 13, 2007

From Offshore to Global Delivery

IT Business: "Global sourcing will be the new delivery model, said Bob Welch, IDC group vice-president and general manager of worldwide services. He was speaking at a session called “The coming reversal of offshore delivery: Are the critics right?” at the National Association of Software and Services Companies conference, NASSCOM 2007. NASSCOM is the Indian counterpart to ITAC or CATA in Canada." This is the conference I was at last week. I find this article interesting because it goes right in the direction I think makes sense. It makes sense for Macadamian ofcourse, but it makes much more sense for the potential consumers of outsourced services. There is more to the IT supply chain or R&D supply chain in Macadamian's case than low level work, where the buyer strictly focus on the hourly rate. The supply chain requires an eco-system of vendors to address all the situations, and an offshore model only goes so far. We've been talking about Global Delivery at Macadamian for quite some time and to see a canadian publication picking up on it is very refreshing.

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