February 6, 2007

Going green? Yes-no-Maybe! Do I really have a choice?

I was reading that this year's superbowl is the first one to be declared carbon free. For the last 14years the NFL has had an environmental director, and this year, they bought enough CO2 credits to declare the event CO2 free. This is pretty impressive for an event of this size. I would like to understand more, but the credits bought cover 2weeks prior to the event - does this mean it includes an evaluation of all CO2 that such activity would put out- like taking ones SUV to go to the game etc... Also how much are CO2 credits anyway, is this a sizable investment they made or a pr coup. Anyhow I've always been conscious the environment, but never actively doing things to save, or minimizing my impact, aside from recycling, and printing double sided! With all the press going on about being Green I feel I need to do more. I will look more into it as to what it would mean for our company to be environment friendly, and what investments it would mean, then as a second step what could we do to improve the situation.

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