February 9, 2007

Canada = Lumberjacks

There is this great panel on PDO, two companies in our space are talking about their challenges, and two companies using PDO companies are talking about their own challenges. I learned quite a bit. At one point I realized this whole discussion was focussing on India and China. In my mind there are other centers, other avenues to get PDO work done, so I ask the question what about other destinations? Then the Gordon Brooks - CEO of Symphony answers that he doesn't see anything on his radar than India and China, no other countries have the scale, and wraps up saying discarding nearshoring by saying that Canada we're 24M in population and we're all lumberjacks. Up until now he has been saying some pretty good stuff, that although I didn't agree with all of it, I could see where he was coming from. That crack about Canada was meant to be funny - anyhow this is how the audience took it. After the session I went and introduced myself as one of the 33M lumberjacks in canada, telling him I re-oriented early from lumberjack to computers to the great dismay of my father!

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