January 24, 2007

are you going to call it like it is?

davidmaister.com > Passion, People and Principles > Client Politics: "As a consultant, my clients often tell me they want help in developing strategies and systems to move the company forward on its declared goals. But what isn’t said is that, all too often, different groups within this company are at odds with each other and I am a tactic or a weapon in this battle (or worse, a war.) " This post from David Maister, the man who understands professional services firm like few do has a good and bad side. First the good - it lays out situations that one can often run into in various mandates. Second the bad - well I guess I have to read the book(s) to figure the answers how to best navigate the politics, and various agendas at play. There is one thing I remember from one of his books, the trusted advisor. In one of the chapters he explains the four qualities of a good trusted advisor, one of them is one's self orientation. To become a trusted advisor, one has to be able to call it like it is - whether or not it brings one more revenue, ie we have to call it like it is, and our clients will appreciate us for it - strengthening the relationship even more.

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