December 12, 2006

Value Creation in OPD

After reading this piece I agree with the idea that no body has a lock on rock bottom pricing. India wages are rising, and as such it is required to bring a new strategy into the picture. As mentioned before - Value must now be emphasized so that it can get out of selling on price alone. There is plenty of cheap supply in India still, and for the foreseeable future - you get what you pay for kind of service, buy it cheap, buy it twice, and then there is the real deal - to get quality services, just like anywhere else you need to pay, whether you're in India or Canada. Going into OPD, the level of skills required is such that understanding and depth of the technology/language/platforms is one very important thing. Such skills that will ultimately guarantee delivery are in short supply even in India. India companies are smart - and they sure don't seem blinded by their success, not that I can see anyway - here this guy is warning his Indian competitors they need to wake up and realize that jobs can move fairly quickly if you focus on price alone.

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