December 4, 2006

Rental car and GPS

I'm out west on business. We flew in last night, we get to Hertz rent a car, and the line up is huge, and it's moving very slowly. I usually rent a Hertz car because they have a very good GPS system in certain cars, and it's usually available. I ended up renting the car from Alamo, they sold me on the fact they also had a gps system. They didn't tell me it was through a cel phone they provided with a java application installed, called navigation system. That system really doesn't work, whoever thought this was a good way to go about it, put too much weight on the cost of the solution versus its usability. It's plain and simple unusable for me, I can't type using a cell phone, and typing addresses is long and painful. The search is not working, or I couldn't make it work would be more accurate. Bottom line this morning I was off to my meetings, and I quickly reverted to using a plain old map. I went to my first two meetings, then looked up a BestBuy driving on the 101 - I went out and bought myself a GPS system, it's day and night. It's even better than the solution that comes with Hertz. I'm all set for uneventful road trips and loading up the agenda with meetings, not getting lost! This is what the advertising says anyway.


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