November 27, 2006

One thumb down, one left

A few weeks back while cooking at home, preparing dinner, I seriously cut the tip of my right hand thumb. There was much cleaning to do from shaking my hand up and down, not realizing I was bleeding everywhere. This also made me realize for the subsequent weeks how much thumbs are useful, and absolutely mandatory for BlackBerry and Treo type devices. Typing with anything else than thumbs is anything but practical. I tried everything - a band aid, but it would hurt when I pressed the keys and started bleeding again, - a band aid with cushion underneath, but then my thumb was too big, and I was making too many mistakes, -use a finger from my right hand, and holding the device in my left hand, not stable enough. Finally I had to resort to typing with one hand, while holding the device in the other hand, it wasn't anywhere optimal. We need two thumbs end of story!

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