November 30, 2006

HP Donation to increase High-tech grads

HP donates 2.8M to increase High-Tech Graduates. They are giving the money to universities. I'm all for HP donating money to schools, but in this case intentions are mis-guided. I don't think that donating money to Universities increases High-Tech grads, unless it allows for more students to join. Universities since the down turn are all running under capacity, ie more seats available than taken. This money will likely familiarize students who already have made a decision to go in high-tech to HP brand, which is fine by me. If this money was really about increasing high-tech grads we should donate it to high schools where the students are about to make a decision about their future. I'm involved in the talent pool initiative in Ottawa, and our effort are about understanding what is going on the heads of our teens and why is it that science is not a priority to them and that the computer went from being fun to do things with, to a tool to chat.

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