October 17, 2006

Yerevan, Armenia part 1

I'm settling in, I like it - it's a pretty nice place. I got here and the buildings looked all the same colour to me - I'm starting to see the colours. The architecture has some Eurpoean influences, but the Russian/communist influence is obvious. The Republic sqare is a nice place, right in the middle of the city. The people do not know how to drive though, they zig zag between lanes, and suddenly there is a car coming your way at good speed in your lane, or is it that we're in his lane - beats me! Every time I get in a car I buckle up - every time the person driving tells me - you don't have to, there is no rule to buckle up - I just tell them I don't want to have to relearn the habit for when I'm back in Canada, and then we all laugh! I'm saying the driving is bad, it's nothing like what i saw in Egypt - but put more cars in the streets here and this is going to get messy.

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