October 14, 2006

using human

Have a look at this very interesting presentation on human computing. How can we tap the human brain to solve complex and large problems that the computer can't do and won't do reliably for some times to come. It's kind of like the amazon artificial artificial intelligence project on steroids in terms of concept. His idea is based on that last year 9B hours of solitaire were played - compare this to the 9M hours it took to build the Empire state building and there is quite a bit high cpu cycles, ie brain cycles going to waste! We need to break the problems such that the computers and the human works together each one complementing each other, the computer generating, compiling the data - and the human taking care of vetting the data, for example identifying what is on a picture. A symbiotic relationship in the overal process, made possible by the connectivity we have on the internet. He then goes on a converts this whole thing into a game, and we(human) end up doing real useful work for free! Pretty darn amazing. There is also this 'alledged' trick porn sites uses to crack through captcha, where they get you to enter the recognized text to see the next picture - and they use in turn the information provided to pass the test on a ligit site and get more tickets to that U2 concert you wanted to go, that they can resell 3x 4x the price.

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