October 24, 2006

Romania Part I

When in Romania, do like the Romanians! First thing to do when taking a taxi in Bucharest - carefully look at the door where they show the taxi rates, they do not all have the same rates. Some of the taxis are plain sharks, it's outrageously expensive. A reasonably priced taxi is about 1.40 LEI, while the sharks could be 7LEI, some of them even put it in Euro instead of LEI just to trick you. Second if you drive (are you insane?) honk like a mad man all the time, light is red engage anyway, use the sidewalk as a parking spot, oh! a pedestrian crossing floor the pedal to the metal - no not really, they do allow pedestrian to cross...sometimes. Third find a pak of smokes and smoke everywhere - as bad as in Armenia, if not worst. Smoking is so ok - this morning this guy was at the breakfast buffet is cigarette between his fingers over the plates on the buffet tables dropping hashes every where. He finally noticed it and cleaned up after himself. Smoke next to food doesn't cut it for me - I can't cut through to the food odors. Bucharest is busy as hell, and has a huge club seen, this is all what people talk about - Blah is the best club in Bucharest, oh Boo is the best club in Europe. Well I didn't go, so I can't tell you what they are a like.

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