October 22, 2006

armenia part III

Armenia is Christian, it's the home of christian orthodox church, the first country to declare itself as such. I visited a few churches one morning. I went on to visit the equivalant of the vatican in Armenia. It's very beautiful, green and full of flowers. We got a short visit of the museum, they have very impressive artifacts in there. They have coins from the roman empire, and many religious items that are dated to be somewhere around 100BC and older. It's impressive, lots of stuff happened before our time. This country used to be the computer science region of Russia. This is where they created the first computers in Russia, mainframes, etc. The Sillicon Valley of Russia. One particularity that is driven out necessity more than anything else - by nature people here all assumes that resources are limited, and should be used wisely. In several conversations I got to understand the following metaphore - In America, we're like Arnold in his movies, big guns, with lots of bullets to shoot. Typically not really aiming well, but shooting every things dead over time, just by keeping shooting. In their case it's more the snipper approach, aim well, because you only have one bullet. So when they code, they will write the code as tight as possible, as efficient as possible, etc... This is a reflex. They are disapointed when it's not always appreciated or recognized. The bottom line is they work differently and it has to be factored in the project management one does. You can find this reflex in every thing they do - from the programming to the car they drive, they will fix it before they have to buy another part - it's very much different from the consumption culture we have in Canada/US.

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