September 14, 2006

User Experts

I haven't blogged about it yet, early in August Macadamian has acquired Maskery, you can read more about the news here. I wanted the dust to settle a little bit before writing about it. For Macadamian it's a very important strategic move and one we're very excited about. It's strategic because UE Consulting brings us closer to the time when our potential customers realize they have a prodcut to create. I choose the term create, as opposed to build, one implies participating in the ideation activity, while the other is more about execution of someone's else idea.  As I wrote several times here - product environment understanding is key to be able to innovate. Our acquisition is to help us make this transition, and plant our stake in the ground about why one wants to get Macadamian in a project with them. Macadamian is now about participating very early on, in the boardroom table of our clients to flesh out the idea, and helping innovate the prototypes, advanced concepts, pilot projects, that will become the next revenue stream of our clients. With Maskery, Macadamian now brings the business and science knowlege to make product innovation simpler and faster. In other words we take our clients from a napkin sketch to market ready!

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