September 11, 2006

Music playlists

Over the weekend I tried to find startups and companies doing interesting stuff around Music. I found two interesting candidates Webjay and Songbird. They do have some pretty interesting features and concepts. Webjay with its playlist publishing aspects - and songbirds from the music playing standpoint. I still haven't found what I'm looking for as U2 so amazingly sing. I'm looking for a service that would allow me given my mp3 music collection and various keywords(tags they are called in Web 2.0), to find good playlists to listen to the music I own. The results could be sorted from closest match regarding the tunes I own, to the playlist for which I have the least tunes. For the tunes I don't own it would have a mechanism to acquire them on the spot, and off I start listening, or just discard the tunes I don't own and play the rest of the playlist. It would be sort of a playlist exchange for people who are creative on the playlist side, and a way for me to listen to more than albums - I have never been able to make the perfect tape anyway. Webjay is a way for people to put up playlist - but it falls short for me as a consumer of playlists.

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