August 28, 2006

Simple life vacation!

I was on vacation last week. We had rented a cottage near Kazabazua (cool name eh!). The cottate was by a lake, the setup was pretty good. The super neat thing was that the whole thing could run on solar power. The roof was setup with solar panels, and the energy was stored in batteries in the basement. The whole week we were off the grid. At night between 9 or 11pm, if we weren't careful during the day, or it wasn't a sunny day, we would drain the batteries. Then we had to either light up the candels, light up the propane lanterns, or fire up the generator to artificially recharge the batteries. My take aways from the experience
  • it's unbelievable how many stars there are in the sky
  • I don't know this is going to last - but I realize better my energy consumption impact
    • Leaving a light on
    • flushing the toilet everytime one goes!!!

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