August 9, 2006

Engineering Servjces

Globalisation Of Engineering Services - The Next Growth Frontier For India: "a study “Globalisation of Engineering Services – the Next Frontier for India”." Two things - Product Development is a multi-discplinary business, it makes sense that Companies look at capturing the whole product development spectrum in terms of R&D activities ie - design, development, testing etc but also along verticals. For example firms offering product development services for the automotive industry, they will expand beyond mechanical engineering, to add design for example, but also go into other industry to leverage know-how and expertise.

Second as India gets serious about bumping out the Eng shops that are just down the streets of their clients to bring their jobs to India, I wonder what the reaction will be. Part of me says - well we've been through it with IT, and it won't be paid much attention since it's déja vu. I also think that since Eng are so much more organized and have so much lobby power with government that it could bring a whole new debate on the table. Only time will tell.

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