August 16, 2006

Air travel tipping point

I've been going over a post about this air travel for the last few days. I just couldn't nail it. I like the way he puts it. At one point Airlines will go down because there won't be customers anymore, and the remaining ones will have fairs that are way too expensive to justify themselves for me anyway. Just look at Ryanair in the UK who is says they want to sue the UK goverment(As per the Ottawa Citizen of Aug 16th) for not helping them assume the fiscal implications of the new security responsibilities. They are a cheap no frill airline - they have no where near the human resources to assume those responsibilities. They go bankrupt, it leaves UK with the more expensive British Airaways, taking away affordable travel in Europe for Irish and Brits. <p> I also agree that electronic means will be gaining in popularity. I would add that airTaxi will also gain much popularity, by passing lenghty security, much more predictable, and traveling in small groups. With enough competition, this could become viable. To read more read Ester Dyson The new Air-Taxi market. <p> I'm very much worried about security and my living conditions. I'm caught between a rock and a hard place - more security is good because in theory it makes the world I live in safer - more security is bad because it becomes impractical and I loose out on freedom and std of living. I'm worried by the terror in the sky or elsewhere just as much as anyone else, and I'm also worried now more than ever that sill in 2006, basic respect for who we are and where we come from, our diversity is still not important or respected as much as it ought to. In other words we may be living the "my way or the highway" saying more than ever, and everyone is trying to impose their vues by sheer force and brutality all over the globe.

<p> So when is the tipping point for Air Travel. It's probably going to be before the un-real scenario below, I don't believe anybody would put up with such scneario. Just as we read in Wired montly - here is a flash from the future of my own - Just picture the following in 2015 - In preparation for your plane trip.

Dear (insert your name here) as a valued customer of (insert airlines carrier(s) here, not sure if their should be a s, since I don't know there will be much carriers then) we are asking that you go through the following procedure before you board our plane for (insert you destination here). In the package we have just shipped you, you will find:

  • (insert Airline name here) approved soap, shampoo
  • (insert Airline name here) approved clothes and shoes
  • (insert Airline name here) approved electronic packing wraps.
The day of your flight we ask you to follow exactly the guidelines below:
  • no more than 24hours prior to your flight, take a shower using CATSA approved soap and shampoo
    • This is to get rid of any substances that you could naturally have on your skin that our xRay machines could interpret as dangerous substances.
    • The above procedure can't be done more than 24hours prior to flight as the body starts to produce dangerous substances again beyond that period of time.
  • Upon you're arrival at the airport, at least 12hours ahead of your planned debarture please direct yourself to the checkin counter and register yourself.
    • You will then be directed to the changing room, and change with the clothes and shoes we have provided you with your boarding package
    • For those who will have forgotten their change clothes, kits can be bought at an extra cost of 400$ at the checkin counter. We only ask you to do the line again.
    • Put your business attire in your suitcase.
    • From this point on you're no longer permitted to drink or eat.
      • Snacks will be served on the airplane
  • At least 6hours prior to your departure, go to the second checkin counter
    • Make sure all your electronics are safely wrapped and stored in your suitcase
    • check-in luggage
  • Go to security ...

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