July 18, 2006

Nortel partnering with MS

Microsoft, Nortel Partner To Deliver Communications - Technology News by TechWeb: "Microsoft Corp. and Nortel Networks Ltd. on Tuesday announced a strategic alliance to help companies migrate off of traditional telephone systems and onto a unified communications platform that encompasses email, instant messaging, Internet telephony, and multimedia conferencing." This is interesting for Nortel to collaborate with MS. I like the idea very much, I wonder also if those partnerships are exclusive. Is Cisco or Avaya out of the loop on this, do they need to find someone else to dance with? By the press release money is going to be comitted to this both in the sales channel and product development, it would point to something where both players are putting skin in the game. I would much rather have both partners work seriously together, than have the option of shopping around. Anyhow I think it's a great coup for Nortel to sign up MS.

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