July 1, 2006

Mario gets canned

Mario gets canned - Slashfood This picture reminded me of something. In the early days at Corel, we were working like mad to get our product out the door. Needless to say the pop consumption was at a maximum. Daily intake could be in the dozen or so. After working so many hours in a day, you crave for some fun. We started pilling up the pop cans, and sticking them together with scotch tape and rubberbands. We ended up with a huge pile that was shaped more or less as a monster, it was fun. It was pretty much visible to everyone from the 2-3-4-5 floors in the building. The building has this big atrium with glasses, so that from the elevators you can see people working through the windows 40foot across the atrium. Needless to say the popularity or unpopularity of the monster grew, it generated reaction one way or the other because of its huge visibility. Soon enough our monster was deemed a health hazard, we dismantled it, what a downer!

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