July 20, 2006

India product development

As I like it: IT firms look for bigger bite of outsourcing pie: "Currently, just around 5 to 10 per cent of outsourced product development involves creating an entire product here in India." What people forget about product development is the need for product environment understanding. I see no problem for India being the best at designing & developing the products that are to be sold in India since they understand better the realities of the market than anybody else. I do see a problem for them to work on their own for a product to be sold outside of India. The designers, developers, people interfacing with the marketeers needs to be well versed in the world of the marketeer itself in order to do a good job. If the India they are talking about is an india with local presence yes they will grow their share of the market, but then the price will not be the differentiator anymore - it will be time to market, quality. No or little product environment understanding at innovation time is a recipe for a product flop.

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