July 22, 2006

Censorship or legitimate actions?

Bloggers Worldwide Blast India's Ban - Technology News by TechWeb: "India banned thousands of blogs last week while trying to block 17 blogs and Web sites that India's telecommunications department claimed spread religious hatred. After a government order issued July 13, Internet service providers cut off access to domain names instead of targeting specific sites. The order came after bombings that killed at least 182 people on Mumbai's commuter trains on July 11." Who is right? Is it censorship as the bloggers and journalists are saying or is it a legitimate cutdown on hatred sites. THe indian government is walking a very fine line. Tough call and a fine line to walk as know too well with debates going on here about the accrued surveillance going on. Apparently they shutdown domains instead of specific sites, is this a botched job? or something the government saying something else, sending a message?

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