June 8, 2006

Product Development Outsourcing - India connection

THE CYBERABAD TIMES: "The company's Vice-President, Sanjay Khendry, said that apart from established players, many smaller companies and start-ups, which are funded by venture capital companies, are looking to India-centric operations to bring in efficiencies in their product development cycles." India is the BRAND in outsourcing. The minute somone thinks about outsourcing something, they think which company in India can I ship this too. No names comes to mind second question - who do I know from India!!! Nonetheless I disagree with the statement from M. Khendry, companies don't go to india for efficiencies. They go to india still because there is the perception it is cheaper on hourly basis, and there is capacity. I stick to my line Innovation is not a capacity play. I wish CGI would wake up to the PDO market, because they would make Canada a Gorilla overnight, afterall they are still a 2B company. As one has said - they know people. At that point the american VCs and american companies would start looking north much more than now, options/choice, comparing is always good, and may the best win!

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