June 8, 2006

Kitchen myths and old wives' tales exposed! - Slashfood

Who would have thought baking soda didn't cut down the smell in the fridge Well this myth and more are exposed in this nice little post from slashfood. BTW this post and several of the myths refer to On Food and Cooking I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to know more about the food we eat, what, how and why. It's a great reference, a dictionary. Have you ever wondered why beans give us gas? well you will find the answer in Mr McGee's book. It's not the kind of book you read from cover to cover, anyway I didn't, I'm not even finished yet, but when I have a question I pick it up from the shelves. The other day I was cooking fiddleheads, and I knew there was something to be aware of about them - like cooking them long enough because if I didn't want to poison myself - well the book didn't let me down.

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