June 27, 2006

American Apparel's Virtual Clothes

American Apparel's Virtual Clothes: "You won't need a VIP invitation to attend the forthcoming grand opening party for the newest American Apparel store—you just need a virtual avatar. The Los Angeles-based maker of trendy T-shirts is currently organizing a late-July soiree at its latest location: a computer-generated boutique within the parallel online universe of Second Life." Whether or not this is a publicity stunt doesn't matter to me, it tells me Second life has just reached new high in terms of market power. Second life is a really cool place if you have a lot of time to spare, but it's also a virtual world full of possiblities if one wants to take the time to think about it. Some people are already making money from it, whether selling goods like outfits or exchanging money from the virtual world to the real world. Now a company like American apparel either think this is a good marketing stunt to have their store their, or there is a real way to sell more of their products in the v-world. What products really? Electronic outfits for my avatar. Someone within AA has looked the demographics of their customers in the real stores, and figures they can make more money from them in Second life, or that they can introduce their brands to an audience they want to target. Cool!

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