May 20, 2006

University enrollment: Comp Eng and Comp Sc.

University_Enrollment_Survey(SHRC) Those numbers are not encouraging. We're not convincing enough people to enroll in Computer programs. As you can imagine this does not spell good for the ITC industry in Canada. There are companies in technologies in Canada that are doing very well, I just wish we'd hear of them more, or at least more than JDU and the likes. The perception of future students is that there is no future for computer people in Canada not only is it quite the contrary. Canada's demography itself is going to open many many jobs starting now. Future students seem, due to multiple influence in their entorage, to believe there is a better future in B. of Art of all places. Yeah culture is important - but sciences are important too. I don't believe Sciences is getting enough attention as an important consideration for our future.

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