May 11, 2006

India preferred Outsourcing destination

Offshore Outsourcing World Blog - Why India is the most preferred Outsourcing Destination The numbers are huge, but what's to expect from a country with over 1B in population. I don't believe people of India are any smarter than anywhere else. What they do have in qty that we don't seem to have as much anymore here is - drive, eagerness, hunger to succeed, ability to compete. They do not assume they will be spoon fed, because no body will. They want to get out of their misery, this is one heck of a motivator. In 2020 the sweetspot of India in terms of Demographic, this is when the working population will be at its peak because the age of the population will be between a range of age I can't remember. Anyhow more people than ever in 2020 will have the opportunity to make dramatic leap in terms of quality of life, in 2006 we're witnessing the beginning of it. By dramatic leap I mean - while before a dad would work on the factory floor, the son would be a security guard, the grand son would be an engineer, and the grand grand son would have a shot at the ceo job - this will not hold true anymore. The kids are attending university in engineering, whatever the dad's job is these days. The world is starving for affordable talent, the infrastructure is there for the jobs to find the talent. But this is not only India, this is the story in the making of many other countries - the free market will play itself out as they say - and this is a good thing, competition is always good, it makes everyone better.

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