May 25, 2006

IBM is ranked first top Global Outsourcing Company

Consultant The first ever ranking of firms in the fastest growing segment of the world economy. This is interesting to know, I didn't realize that, neither did I realize that IBM was such a proeminent player. The top 100 represents 68.9B revenues and 1M employees, roughly 70k/emp in revenue on avg - not great. The number 2 company Sodexho Alliance, I don't know, and by the description they don't come across as an outsourcer. I'm glad to see CGI is in the top 10, more precisely number 8. I see Wipro but I don't see the usual suspects, Tata, Infosys there. I don't understand enough what the ranking was based on. The rising stars category is made of non US firms, from you've guessed it China, and India.

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