April 10, 2006

Panel at Software 2006

Microsoft official cites quality as offshoring priority | April 4, 2006 05:55 PM | By Paul Krill Interestingly enough I was at that same talk, sitting just behind Paul, who was frantically taking notes. During that panel people quantified the productivity of their offshore resources hovering between 60-90% of their counterparts in-house. They say they are happy with the through put, as long as it's above 80%, and they don't think it's going to go above 90% for the forseeable future. Two years ago only if they had been asked the same question they would have said 50%, all in all a good progression. My theory to this progression - it's as much due to the people over offshore, as much to the people on shore who are learning to work with people in other countries, new cultures.

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