April 20, 2006

A little round up of interesting stories from EE Times

First you have news that Wipro is clocking in again > 30% growth beating expectations. This is pretty interesting to see companies in India growing quarter over quarter of growth greater than 30%. It's interesting because we're talking billion dollars total revenue, growing that much means lots of new business is being closed. The trend of outsourcing is not slowing down, it's only accelerating. Another interesting story confirming this phenomenon, it's TCS who plans to hire >30,000 people this year alone. They are just huge numbers by our standards, the city where I was born is was much smaller than what TCS plans to hire this year alone.

Where is Canada into all of this? I'd sum it up as Innovation is not a capacity play - so when it's time to solve an innovation problem, throwing more bodies at it will not fast track your way to a solution, you want to put the right minds to solving it. We have the right skills to innovate, and the innovators right here, this is one the many reasons that makes me believe Canada has a great shot at the Product Development Ooutsourcing market.

One last story it's funny how the minute people start to have more money, they slow down on the kid side of things.

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