April 14, 2006


Listening to the radio this morning the topic was green companies, or companies that are taking actions to minimize the impact of their activities on our global ecosystem, ie Earth! To my great (and the radio host as well) surprise the person arguing the point went on to say that it's normal for companies to want to make money, this is by law why they are created, otherwise one would create another kind of organism, like not for profit. The radio host tried over a couple of times to get the person to re-phrase, or reposition the statement, and she was always coming back with the same message. Companies exist to make money. This is an obvious statement, coming from someone arguing the need for sustainable develolpment it's surprising. More and more people are coming around to the need for sustainable development. Companies to make money need people to buy their products - ding!

What I found interesting in the interview is the interviewee was totally making the point that companies making money is an essential part of sustainable development, because they are integral part of the sustainable development supply chain just like you an me. The companies like you and me need to understand how they can become more efficient, productive, etc through the use of sustainable practices. So when you leave tonight, don't forget to turn off the light of your office!

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