April 16, 2006

Cliché but there is more to it

USATODAY.com - Google's hidden payroll: "But Gandhi's Adsense profits have exceeded his wildest dreams. He now earns about $1,000 a month from the program, the same salary he previously earned as a software engineer. His new income has allowed him to leave his job and return to school. 'Today I am able to sponsor my higher studies because of Adsense,' he says." Ok if you read on this is a big time cliché story I got off the google code blog. Adsense for people in NA at a individual level doesn't really amount to a whole lot as a supplemental revenue, but for an Indian guy it can change a life. In other words for adsense to work for an individual in NA means that it needs to bring in roughly 5-6times more on a monthly basis than it's counter part in India for one to be able to give up his job and live off of adsense. Does it mean we have to come up with better ideas? Or maybe go live in India to make the idea viable. To me this is the cost of innovation going down, the barrier of entry of a product developped globally is lower than a product strictly developped in NA. The low cost structure makes for more ideas being viable. This is a very simple but yet convincing example that the world has changed and the freedom that money brings is no longer only for the super riche of our world but guys in India living on 1000$/month can now make a choice too.

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