March 16, 2006

PDO Picking up steam

We're talking about it and more and more people are talking about it. This is a good sign. I can see more write ups about it in the outsourcing journals, and even blogs here and there.

Today what we must do is make sure that Canada is on the map as a destination. I believe we have the assets required to be among the top destinations for OPD. I'm talking with CGI today, and tomorrow to see what they think of the trend, getting a large player like them to play in thsi game would send a great message to the world about our capabilities. I believe CGI has no choice if they still want to be a major player in 5-10years, but I will to hear what they have to say.

Right now we're a small fish in a small pond, we need to work to make it a large pond so that we can grow more and faster!

Part of our argument relies on: Roughly 10years ago, we saw the IT supply chain blown into pieces, in other words, IT org realized they couldn't and needed not to do it all alone, if they wanted to keep up and be totally focussed on their differentiator. They started lining up partners that could depend on for specific areas of their business, specialized partners, with large economy of scales, and numerous hours of expertise acquired through other engagments. The same is happening with R&D, it is being blown into pieces, they too are now looking at how they can leverage partners in their supply chain to deliver more value to their customers.

canada's assets are geographical proximity, cultural fit to the US and our innovation capabilities. This means that we understand very well the product environment, we can read between the lines, finish our clients' sentences. It's also good because Canada's has an innovation history, our engineers are second to none. This deep understanding, and innovation capabilities helps Canada's firms sign for projects that are more risky, where the unknowns are greater, this is what R&D is about, needless to say we have great R&D programs to tap into.

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