March 13, 2006

More India Trip Report

Bear with me more thoughts - Talking with a some folks I was out in India with, I want to share with you some of our discussions. The most impressive thing for the CEO of a very large company from Canada with us there were as follow:
  • Capability and Capacity
    • I find this amazing, putting things in context, for someone who is leading a billion dollar company to still be caught offguard about the setup and the infrastructure tells me how much India has its act together.
  • They do high end work
    • Yes visiting India makes you realize they do more than clear customs for the good we import, they do problem solving for us, see Evalueserve for an example of company doing so pretty wicked stuff, and from India!
  • Quality is outstanding - better than here, Canada!
    • My take on this is it would depend on the type of work we're talking about. It's true for certain categories and not for others. They have this way of learning, so India will keep moving up the food chain where it makes economic sense for both the buyer and India itself. So yes for highly automatable projects, no for quick turn around and initiatives with a component of risks.
  • To enter India one needs a partner, can't go direct to penetrate the market.
    • For a company the size of Macadamian , about 60people, going to India alone is very risky, high turn over, corruption, culture are just few of the things we would have difficulties handling.
  • Both our Federal and Provincial governments are asleep with what is going on
    • They don't know what to do, they are a deer caught in the headlights. Our country, province needs to understand better our SWOT, and target emerging markets with this in mind. BTW India's CEO and Nasscomm executives couldn't care less about trade missions with politic people, they want to talk business. Getting our industry, our private sector to visit the world has to be part of our strategy to prosper in the new world.
  • Infosy Chairman asked him point blank "What's up with all those art degrees in North America?"
    • This is another thing close to my heart. We have a declining population in Sciences enrollment, we need to act to chage the trend. We're innovators, problem solvers at heart, I want us to keep building on those strengths. Guidance in sciences is inexistant, I mean the guidance our teens are getting for undergrad studies is that they should not go in sciences, this is wrong, there are plenty of opportunities, and more to come, we will have a gap in supply versus demand, and India is going to look so much more prettier then, and you bet India knows this.

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