March 16, 2006

Interesting R&D Outsourcing in Health & Life Sciences

R&D Outsourcing Goes Strategic Numbers shows that 9 out of 10 companies in sectors like Oil&Gas, Automotives, BioTech are outsourcing R&D activities to partners. In the software industry this numbers falls to 1 out of 4. Since the softwawre industry is maturing, and facing more and more pricing pressure, whether coming from OSS or other factors, it is going to go the way of the more mature industries. This means good growth in this market and explains why the market is set to go from 1B in 05 to 10B in 2010.

What is interesting with the link above is that the same industries that we call mature are calling for even more outsourcing. The guidelines to a successful relationship are awfully reasonable for our industry as well. This makes me think we would have much to learn by speaking to other industries, in other words let's stop re-inventing the wheel. Other people's people experience can become my insight. This is the motto behind a group we actively participate in OSEF We're getting the VPs of r&d in ottawa to get out of their ivory towers and share with their peers in town, OSEF helps them fast track their way toward success world domination.

Looking at the big picture, we should be talking to people doing R&D in other sectors(unrelated industries) to learn from them as well, I'm sure they can teach us a trick or two, after all the Automotive industry has been doing R&D for over a century now, and Software R&D is 50 years old, their ought to be something to learn from them.

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