March 5, 2006

India trip report - India's take away

I kicked out the malarone out of my system and its side effects on my stomach, I'm happy about that. I still have thoughts here and there about he trip, the best way to let them go is write them down.
  • India is where the party is regarding ICT services. The stock market is hot, the egos are big, and the dreams even bigger. I think this is the closest thing that I will ever participate in to the gold rush that opened the west way back when.
  • Every body in India is a tech guy, through all the meetings I had over the whole week, every body you talk to is a techie. This sends a strong business message - we're here to understand your problem, and find a solution. This differs from the relationship sales approach conmmonly found in other markets, where the sale cycle is about golf games and late evenings at the strip club.
  • Setting up an office in India is risky business, attrition is averaging about 20%, job hoping is common place, every body wants more money even in India. This makes the recruitement very difficult. There is also corruption, they are no different than anybody else, they want to improve their standard of livings, they do this by kick backs and other schemes. The indian government recognises the problem, and is increasing the salaries of the public workforce to compete better with equivalent jobs in the private sector in the hope of getting rid of the problem.

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