March 22, 2006

From Slashdot - Opinion: Why Good Technologists Are Hard to Find - Computerworld

Opinion: Why Good Technologists Are Hard to Find - Computerworld Most excellent point of view. Enrollment in schools is a North American wide problem. The baby boomers yes again them, will leave a void after their retirement, or come back contracting for huge money because we can't find anybody to pair them with before they leave and take over once they are gone. All in all two situations I would rather not deal with.

I would add to the opinion of the author the following paradox. The offshoring threat is if we here in North America do not crank out enough graduates to take care of things. Cranking out more students counter balance offshoring -yes. Should we not have sufficient quantity of graduates, we run the risk of outsourcing everything as opposed to what makes business sense, thus getting rid of great expertise and knowledge. Our infrastructure would be controled by others, and we would not have anything to say about it. Running the risk of running out of innovators and techies is a big problem that we can't afford otherwise we're at the mercy of the mood of our outsourcing partner.

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