March 8, 2006

A competitive advantage- OPD

A competitive advantage- The Economic Times: "Outsourcing would help in optimal resource utilisation for critical schedule-based projects as well as complex functionality projects. The key challenge for an ISV to leverage the benefits of Offshore Product Development for portfolio management and competence management is identifying right partners in India. "

OPD is not an India only thing. There are other countries, the Eastern Block, Russia and yes Canada are very well suited for this type of activity. Canada is the best place for it in my mind. Our proximity, cultural fit, as well as our innovation culture, are key in understanding the product environment, making it more effective to execute faster. They help us jump right in, with minimal ramp up time. They also allow us to take more risk, shorter projects. More and more I see the long term stuff going to far away whether through us or directly. On the other hand the short turn around projects, complex are done here. This is the foundation of my theory that ISV will need multiple partners ti compete better. There is no one size fit all vendor or geographic spot.

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