February 15, 2006

Thomas Friedman's at Nasscom's leadership forum

Well, his latest book, the world is flat, I thought really hit the nail on the head. He definitely surprised me by his speaking capabilities, he puts on a great show, and drives the point home very clearly and good humour. Here are some of my take aways.

The flat world is all about the 10 flatteners, you can find them in Wired. Out of those we're getting side effects like global platforms, corporation taking advantage of global platforms to drive efficiencies. This is how as a customer you pay to save money to the companies you're dealing with. For example by buying on the web you're actually saving the company money by helping them to have less staff to handle customers request in stores or over the phone. "You're paying to be an employee". In fact you're saving money as well, but without the connection of things, like web, offshore, availability of browsers this would just not be possible.

Then there is the 3b new people the global economy is about to swallow. This drives side effects like, the jobs will go where the talent is, and start thinking about green technologies before we burn this planet in less time takes to say it. Creativity, collaborators, synthetizers of information are the skills we will need in the flat world. They are the skills that will keep us from being outsourced, "one step ahead of the pac-man!" His equation cq + pq > iq, which stands for curiosity quotient + passion quotient is always greater than intellectual quotient. In other words it is a right brain world, "the left side is done somewhere in India cheaper". Make sure our kids learn how to learn, the school work place of tomorrow relationship is comparable to "training for the olympics but you have no idea what sports your training for!"

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