February 16, 2006


Today I visited one of Tata TCS' facility in Mumbai. Tata is a group of 80 companies, they have revenues of almost 18B/year, they are a big company. I knew that, but I didn't know they built cars, and then I go to a dinner earlier in the week, I flip the plate, don't ask me why I do that, and here it is Tata again! The only company in the world to have had steady growth YOY for 130years, quite an achievement. They really have differentiators, for example every single employee in the company sign a code of conduct upon joining. In India since the marriages are fixed, it used to be that if your son was working at Tata his mother would have a much easier time finding him a wife. Tata was a family business, the kind of guys running it with the right attitude. One of the brothers or son I can't remember couldn't get a membership at the british club in Mumbai, because he wasn't british, so he built a hotel accross the street the Taj Mahal Hotel. The brit's club is long gone, the Taj Mahal is still going strong. Two very interesting facts, when the brothers dies they gave away the control of the company and the majority of its shares to a foundation. The company YOY gives 60% of its profit to charity.

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