February 17, 2006

Partiotism in India

India, Inc.'s new mantra: Serve thy motherland- The Economic Times

The patriotism in India is really strong. Listening to the President of India speak today at Nasscom they are going for the home run and calling on partiotism to unite and take it. All in all they shouldn't wait for people hand it over to them, go for it. They have an objective of 60B total revenue in IT services for 2010, he is saying "Why not 200b, why not set an objective of 200b for 2010?". Well buckle up people because those services are going to come from somewhere.

They are really proud of what they are doing, and they are pumping it up. They want to rule the IT services business, they have the momentum. The contribution of the IT services industry to the rise of India is undisputable. Talking with people visiting India often, they call it the New India.

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