February 28, 2006

One place where Canada is a leader

India expects to grab toon biz from China The animation industry is one place where Canada is a leader. In India they know we're strong in animation, energy and natural resources technologies. Although energy (green) and natural resources have a rosy future, you can see Animation stirkes a chord. Our interlocutors during meetings with Nasscom clearly were interested, it's just like if they knew too well that the future is entertainment!

Our Animation expertise is something we can get milage out of with India. I mean we should trade that expertise for something of value from them, in exchange we send Animation business their way. Canada has a big push to make for the enrollment in sciences, can we get India to step up to the plate. They have too many people who wants to study and not enough spots available, I'd like to tie in Animation training or Animation in the broader sense in so that both countries get something out of the collaboration.

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