February 18, 2006

All in All about Nasscom

A very well ran conference. No glitch, lots of networking opportunities. At times the content was spotty but overall I still give it two thumps up.

Initial thinking about Canada in this whole picture is still blurry. I'm happy we had sizable deliguation here, with the GTMA, and ITAC, we made up for one of the big contingent present. I think it's important we brand Canada to India as much as we can, this is an emerging market(export) and a competitive advantage(import). I believe though that Canadian companies are slow to show up at the indian party.

They are going to start buying products soon enough, they are making good money, they will consume, it's important that not only our maple syrup is sold here, btw this would be a killer product here since their deserts are so sweet!

India's product is IT services. Coming from the ICT services, companies back home still perceive India as a threat, a better approach would be to frame the business around tapping their capacity, while back home we focus on the critical part of the offering. So next year I hope more companies show up.

Discussing with Bill Elliot and Murray Jan, we realize there is some education that needs to take place on how to tap rising India advantages, ie - trying to get our companies comfortable enough to come here and develop relationships to do business with India. I'll keep you posted on further thoughts!

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