February 14, 2006

65k usd for graduates ... in india!

It is raining cash, IITians never had it so good : HindustanTimes.com This means so many things to me. If graduate students are now starting to get this kind of money, this bolds very well for India development, but at the same time India is risking loosing traction in the global market place. They are building on their momentum, they won't be able to play the affordability card for long. The best card is talent availability, but still at this kind of price, some companies are going to start looking beyond India, Eastern Block comes to mind, but also China will feed from this kind of news. As for Canada, we're still higher, but I can see the 30% price difference getting smaller. This means that for short term engagement or high risk engagements, Canada is very well positionned to execute and deliver at a comparable price with less risks.

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