April 9, 2005

Technology is "difficile"

I have the greatest 5year old, and when it gets "difficult" for him to do something he says "C'est difficile!" and hands us the thing he is doing for us to do". Well for the last week I have been caught with a technology problem, and I still haven't been able to resolve it, to tell you thr truth I'm just about to throw in the towel. It's so simple, I bought a BlueTooth USB adaptor for my laptop. The goal is to have my Treo phone talk to my PC through bluetooth, easy enough! No, to this day I still haven't figured what is wrong with my laptop or Treo, and get the two to connect or even see each other. It all started with problems installing the software that comes with the hardware itself. The technical documentation in the box is was out of date. After a couple of hours of fiddling with the install, not getting anywhere, I hit the web in search for what I was missing. Several hours later, it amounted to an XP SP2 problem, and the fact that my hardware provider doesn't sign its drivers, and M$ insists on using its own drivers, for good reasons I'm sure with all the spyware outthere. After manually instaslling the drivers, thinking I was golden, Err #n. I'm missing a license.dat file, I have to get it from my CD, because the driver I now use are from the web, I have to have the exact license.dat file, the CD is at work, it's like 2:00am, I'm at home. I was tired I decided to go to bed instead. Once I got the license file, bluetooth seemes to be up and running on my laptop, I can connect my bluetooth headset very useful when using VOIP softclients like Skype, but I still can't sync my Treo with my Laptop through Bluetooth. I feel like my mother in front of her computer, not understanding one bit what is wrong.

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