February 25, 2005

Egypt trip

Allright my trip now over. People in Egypt are very warm and nice. The traffic in Cairo is less than great, and for a westerner hard to understand how it all works. It's easy to understand though why the cars are banged up a little bit more than overhere. One stat that struck me, egyptians have 25%-30% of their net worth in their car. Duties on cars in Egypt are huge, so for example a passat, base price of 30k CDN in Egypt will be 60K CDN, a huge price diff. The egyptian food is absolutely fabulous. On my last night we went to an egyptian resto, and it's too bad I can't eat more. I was rolling when I got out. The bread pudding was the last thing I ate, and it's amazingly good. One last thing, the itworx dudes seem to enjoy sweets more than anybody I've ever met. They talk about how they love sweets, let me tell ya they sure put their cash where their mouth is when desert is around. I want to say a big thank you to the itworx team, who made me feel welcome and took care of me like family while down the country of the pyramids!

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