January 20, 2003

It's a LinuxWorld, after all - Tech News - CNET.com "Microsoft...has always seen itself as replacing Unix. That ain't going to happen. Linux is going to replace Unix," Claybrook said. In coming years, Linux, not Windows, will take over high-end computing tasks currently handled by Unix servers in "data centers" at the core of corporate computing operations, Claybrook predicted.

Linux vs Unix vs Windows. Why does MS think it can win Unix people over with a pitch with maintenance costs being lower than Linux or Unix. They also say Linux is free but then when it's time to maintain it, this is where it hurst cost wise. Aren't they doomed to think they will win over high Unix servers with Windows on maintenance cost when those Unix CO have linux avail for free and the staff to maintain those machines readlily trained because of their Unix background and most likely very Anti-MS to start with. To me this is a slam dunk for Red-hat and all if they can show their advanced servers reliably working on those big irons, because they truly will save money... Desktop is another issue, and existing MS customers on the server side is another ballgame.

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